A journey update x

A journey update x


​Sun followers, I am back, with an exclusive live update on all that is happening at RHONNIE HQ!

If you're an active Sun Follower, you would have seen and HOPEFULLY filled out, our customer survey! This has been such a humbling experience for me. To read all your feedback, suggestions, compliments and ideas - truely has been overwhelming. In a good way, of course! ​RHONNIE is currently on a bit of a soul search. I am really looking deep within what I have created here, to find out and understand exactly what I want to continue to build. You have probably heard the words, sustainable fabrics, eco-friendly prints, EXCLUSIVE PRINTS, timeless designs.. the list goes on. But, in a nut shell, or maybe in our case "in a sun beam" ALL of those things are coming together, behind the scenes of HQ! I am researching HARD, to source eco friendly fabrics, with the appropriate certifications! I am looking to switch to digital printing (epic I know!) AND I am in the early stages, or curating our VERY FIRST EXCLUSIVE RHONNIE TEXTILE PRINT !!!! Sorry for yelling that at you, but I am honestly beside myself about this element. 

We have some divine new pieces, on their way (literally in the air as I type), and have some even BETTER things planned for the coming months. The seasons will change shortly, and with that, we will have a change in our designs and core stock. I bet you can guess what I am subtly telling you here? But hey, I won't spell it out - I'll let you dwell a little longer.  

I just want to take this moment to truely, thank you all. Thank you for your ongoing support, for reading this email, for completing our Survey (which did I mention you could WIN $200 WORTH OF RHONNIE?), for coming along this #rhonniejourney with me. 

2022 is definitely going to be our most magical year ever!

all my sunshine, Gracee

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