Reviving my love for writing...

Reviving my love for writing...

Hey, Hello, Hi...

I have been contemplating writing some new blogs lately, but shut myself down with fear and ridicule. I love sharing things with my followers, but the little voice in my head often tells me "no one wants to hear it", which hey, might be true.. but there are plenty of people who reply to my stories or comment on my posts telling me how much they appreciate my truth.

I just re-read the original blog I posted with Rhonnie. The welcome post! Wow, how far I have come with my little venture and life itself. I have been married and given birth to TWINS, since Rhonnie first began.
My love for Rhonnie has been put on hold many times between now and then but every time I come back to it, I have a new spark ignite and I have new fresh ideas!
So, with that, I am going to endeavour to write monthly blogs on what has been happening with Rhonnie and my life as a mother of twins. I guess it will hold me accountable to continuing to pursue my passion for clothing and the challenges and wins I face in motherhood. 
 Stay tuned for the next update on motherhood with twins and my small business.  



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