The beginning of Rhonnie

The beginning of Rhonnie

You've made it to the website - YAY! That means you were interested in finding out what RHONNIE is! I figured I should introduce myself and give you all a little insight into how RHONNIE came about. My name is Gracee, I am the website creator, photographer, makeup artist, model (sometimes), business manager and every other title that come with a small business owner. My partner and I were on a holiday when the conversation first started. It begun over a few Bintang's, my love for the humid weather and the fashion that comes with it. I have always thought of myself as a fashion lover and since moving to Victoria, I missed the bright colours and easy wear clothing that came with the tropical north (should mention, I moved from sunny Queensland). So the discussion progressed and we decided to embark on a little venture - RHONNIE - which we really had (still have) no exact idea of where it's going to take us. The name was acquired from another conversation we had on our holiday, babies!! *insert - we are not having babies yet, but you know I am a woman who thinks about these things, yes a little crazy. I LOVED the name Rhonnie, except my partner was not keen (he kept saying Ronald...seriously?!) so, I decided what better opportunity than to call my new business (business baby), RHONNIE

This venture has manifested and snowballed into what it is today and I am so very very very excited to continue working on my products. I will do my best to bring you all beautiful, easy wear, soft clothing and bring a little bit of ME to the fashion world.

If you made it this far through the blog, I commend you - this is my first writing piece, so apologies if the topic swayed from here to there.

Gracee - creator of RHONNIE

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